The TV show « Africa has an incredible talent » begins with Nescafé

You know the brand slogan, « It all starts with a Nescafe » … Well, a new adventure begins with this brand of coffee and this time, it comes to the popular television show Got Talent which aims to discover and showcase the best African talent.

The program currently broadcasting in 64 countries and attended by over 490 million viewers worldwide, begins in sub-Saharan Africa season this year under the name of « Africa has an incredible Talent ».

To give the kickoff, a Nescafé truck will travel the roads of Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal and Cameroon from May to August to encourage various artists like singers, dancers and comedians all ages to showcase their talent in some cities. Artists from each country are encouraged to showcase their talent on the show’s website Africa has an incredible talent.

A total of 200 candidates will have the privilege of being selected to travel to Abidjan in the Ivory Coast where they live perform in a studio before an audience and a panel of celebrities from the region to be selected for semifinals. The hearing will be broadcast new episodes of 90 minutes.

Then, the 12 finalists will perform in the final 90-minute show hoping to be selected by the jury to become the first winner of the competition of « Africa has an incredible Talent », with 10 million FCFA to the key.

As part of this partnership, Nescafé is working with the TV production company Periscoop, which holds the rights to production and broadcast of the program from 2016.

This year, the ten programs will be broadcast from mid-October to December on Friday at 20: 30 pm, high time
listening. Each show will be aired on the six major TV channels in French-speaking countries of Central Africa and the West.

« The partnership with Nescafé and the show « Africa has an incredible Talent » is part of our ongoing commitment to empower and inspire Africans throughout the region, » said Hervé Barrere, Managing Director of Nestlé Cameroon. « We want to encourage Africans, especially youth, to participate in what they have always wanted to do or try, while communicating with our brand.  »

As part of Nescafé initiatives to discover and support African talent, the brand also recently announced the winner of the challenge Nescafe Get Started, which aims to encourage and inspire young African entrepreneurs to raise generating innovative ideas value to society.

These initiatives support the commercial approach Nescafé Nestlé, namely Creating Shared Value. The company creates opportunities for people where it operates and improves their livelihoods, while developing its own activities.


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