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USA – Event: DR-Congolese Éric Yaone nominated for Men Impact Change 2020

USA – Event: DR-Congolese Éric Yaone nominated for Men Impact Change 2020

Motivated and motivator, the young rd-Congolese living in the United States of America, Éric Yaone is nominated for the Men Impact Change event, the evening of which is scheduled for Saturday November 14, 2020 from 3 to 6 p.m. online at www.menimpactchange. org


Deeply involved in the development of youths and entrepreneurship for more than a decade in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where he spent most of his life, Eric continued with the same enthusiasm in the United States, where he has been residing for two years already. Culturally competent, he had a smooth transition and integration into the Congolese diaspora and other communities.


Like this event, his main goal is to always positively impact his immediate and distant environment through his advice and actions. He lives far from hesitation and fear, and deserves the support of all the people and organizations who know and support the Men Impact Change event. His nominatio. does not come as a surprise to those who saw him taking his first steps, especially his biological family which includes several people dedicated to human and social development. As examples of thise valuable individuals, we can name Marie Laure Yaone and Rudy Yaone.



Eric Yaone is the founder of KinKultur, a platform for promoting Congolese and more broadly African entrepreneurship across the world through various web services, networking activities and events.


Born and raised in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eric has worked as a Director of Marketing and Sales as well as a consultant in several renowned advertising agencies: Greatwhite, Publi Inter, LN Communication, and others. He studied interior design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Congo and then continued his studies in IT management at the Higher Institute of Management in Kinshasa. He spent most of his time mentoring young artist-entrepreneurs to promote their talents. He has developed several activities which continue to help many talents to emerge. Culture is in his veins.


Eric moved to the United States of America in 2018. Upon arrival, he became involved in the community as a volunteer at the African Women’s Council, where he is currently involved in outreach. He is very active in the Congolese community as an active member of the CCWM (Congolese Community of Washington Metropolitan). He serves as a communications advisor to the president of the organization. Éric is also involved with TUDITURI, a platform bringing together Congolese entrepreneurs in the United States of America. He is also a member of K7BC, a Congolese Congolese business club, AFDC (Federation of the Congolese Diaspora).

To support women entrepreneurs, Eric has created Slide2lafemme, a forum where he coaches and promotes female networking.

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He is married to Dr Gisele Dunia, Senior Advisor for Capacity Building in the Demographic and Health Surveys Program or the DHS Program. They both live in Germantown, Maryland.


An optimistic man and bearer of several projects, Yaone deserves to be crowned by The Men Impact Change Event edition 2020. He is and remains the hope of current African youth and future generations.


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