With R-Kelly, Booba and …, Fally Ipupa dominate the globe

This is not a rumor. All is well. Congolese music celebrity Fally Ipupa recorded several titles of his new opus with several stars, namely the American singer R-Kelly, the French rapper Booba, the Belgian singer Stromae and the Nigerian Wizkid. The date of it’s release is not yet called by its producer Universal Music Group.

Le rappeur français Booba et le chanteur rd-congolais Fally Ipupa. Ph.Dr.Tiers
The French rapper Booba and the congolese singer Fally Ipupa. Pict. All Right

All in very professional mode, neither the excerpts nor the title of the songs are known. According to a close friend of Fally, « we follow our calendar and the world will discover these titles« . This album, whose name is still secret, contains several potentialities and is dedicated to the ten years of solo career of this young artist. With these two featuring, Fally will find a place in the heads of music lovers across the planet. Recall that he collaborated with R-Kelly in the song “Hands Across The World » in December 2010.

Le chanteur rd-congolais Fally Ipupa et le chanteur américain R-Kelly. Ph.Dr.Tiers
The Congolese singer Fally Ipupa and The American Singer R-Kelly. Pict. All Right

Since his departure from the Latin Quarter of Koffi Olomide to this day, he is only doing exploits. It never passes unnoticed in Kinshasa as in several cities of the world. He also realizes the dreams of these elders of congolese music.
In 10 years, he has an impressive number of featuring. According to our investigations, he overthrew the multidisciplinary star Papa Wemba, who during his lifetime was solicited by several known and lesser known musician artists. Determined to bring the Congolese rumba to several corners of the world, Fally adds his touch and captivates.

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